We are a full-service medical linen service, providing everything from sheets to scrubs to patient gowns, and everything in between. Serving Augusta, Savannah and the Metro Atlanta area. 


Lowcountry Medical Linens

Proudly serving the southeast since 1946.


We want your business and would like the opportunity to prove it to you. Lowcountry Medical Linens is proud to be the preferred provider for linen service for University Health Link in Augusta and Memorial Health University Physicians in Savannah. We feel that this shows our total commitment to quality and service. Let Lowcountry Medical Linens take the headache out of maintaining your inventory, complying with OSHA standards, and paper disposal and help you reach your goal of becoming a greener practice.

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Our medical linen service is designed with your convenience in mind. We provide bags and containers for your soiled linens. We count the soiled linen when we return to our facility and return that same amount at the next delivery. These counts are shown on your delivery invoices each week so that you can keep track of your usage, and whether or not you need to increase/decrease your inventory. We don’t just supply you with medical linens we help you manage your linen usage.


There are no savings to be found by doing laundry in your practice! Sure, you may save a line item on your budget by not outsourcing your linen, but if you itemized your real cost, you would see that the time your highly trained Nurse or Tech spends doing laundry is a lot more expensive. How many more patients can be seen by not using your valuable staff members to do laundry? When the washer drain stops up, and the water runs down the hall, then where is the savings?